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Pilies love to climb and carry large piles of all sorts of things, and that includes other Pilies! 

Control a group of these cute little creatures and help them reach their destination in this unique and family-friendly puzzle game.

The game is currently in development. Check out the demo and let me know what you think!

If you like the game, please spread the word! Thanks in advance!

Programming, art and music by Kirill Poletaev (KEYREAL).

Follow the game's development:

Twitter: KEYREAL (@kircode) / Twitter

Blog: KEYREAL - game design, code, writing, art and music (kircode.com)

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP archive anywhere, and run the piliepals.exe file.

The game saves data into the "user" directory next to piliepals.exe.



pilie_pals_demo_win32_2021_07_03.zip 22 MB

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